Sunday, 15 September 2013

La Tomatina

     This concerns that particular event that has sparked a heated debate across the nation. Hundreds of youth gathered to celebrate the seemingly delightful occasion by squandering a valuable food commodity – an endeavour that is the latest en vogue. This is none other than the ‘La Tomatina’ in Lahore – an occasion that has found its way into Pakistan. 

     The very idea of soaking in a tomato bath and dancing to funky music is alluring to the extent that the youth is lavishly engaging in it and fritting away tomatoes in enormous quantities. According to my judgment, the whole notion of drenching in tomatoes is wholly off the wall. What good is our education if we cannot learn to value precious commodities? In the process, innumerable tomatoes have been dribbled away only for the sole purpose of deriving enjoyment.

     It is dismaying to witness how shallow our society has really become. Even while watching Hrithik Roshan’s “Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara”, I did not entertain an affirmative view regarding La Tomatina. Is it so that our cultural merriments are lagging behind in offering sufficient gratification? Honestly speaking, what has our cultural heritage not got to offer? Our adored revelries such as Eid, Basant and several others are pleasing enough.

     La Tomatina is just a gross imitation of another culture, let alone promoting a callous attitude towards those trapped in the poverty cycle. Ultimately, we are only losing our cultural heritage and self-identity.

     An advice to the current generation is using their loaves wisely. We are privileged with an excellent education of which the unfortunate people – living below the poverty line – can only dream of. We should safeguard our literacy and educate ourselves to become productive, civilized members of the society, in order to contribute to its betterment. Value your lineage, customs and identity. If we refuse to comply, our distinguished culture will be gradually shredded to pieces by the modern culture vulture. Heaven forbid, should we ever get to see that dreadful doom! 

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