Sunday, 12 May 2013

Coercive Powers

         It’s absolutely disheartening that certain parties could not even tolerate to see the victory of Imran Khan [IK]. According to several reports, IK was taking the lead by more than 70% at some polling stations. It was merely through the abominable practice of rigging that a certain party – lets call it X – reached that level. 
     With the enormous degree of love, support and respect IK has garnered because of his honesty and loyalty, others parties are simply not letting him take over the seats and provincial government that he won through legal and fair means. Therefore, IK has been the biggest competition for other political parties.
     The illegal practices other parties have conducted to win elections only show the extent to which these corrupt, immoral rulers have exploited the uneducated masses. They continue to toy with the undeveloped mindsets of blue-collar people. Shame on these parties! They play with the lack of awareness that is so deep-rooted in many segments of the society. They surely could not stoop lower than that. Otherwise, the educated lot of this nation was in favour of PTI. Never before has there been such colossal support for a party. The youth hardly ever voted before, but IK gained millions of voters across the country and those too comprised of youngsters in majority. This is exactly why voting was stopped at several polling stations. Everyone I know has voted for PTI. We have seen an astonishingly great number of voters for PTI and we were anticipating its victory. The question is: where have all those votes gone? Surely they have been meddled with.
     Yet again, Pakistan continues to go through dark times. During these terrible times, one can only hope for a miracle - in the form of a revolution. IK should remain headstrong as always and continue to inspire, encourage and instill patriotism amongst the masses. Your time will come, IK. We will overthrow the government one day. We have proved that we are not spectators; we are indeed participants of this nation’s progress.  We should continue fighting for this nation. To civilians out there, please do not lose hope and never give up. We should continue to struggle, with all our might, for Pakistan. We have to be extremely tolerant and endure the deteriorating conditions for a few more years. Chances are the whole nation will wake up and realize the gravity of the mess that currents parties have made of our dear, beloved Motherland! Chances are that elections might be held again within a span of 5 years and IK will definitely come to power.  IK will rule for sure one day and soon good shall triumph over evil!

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