Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Case of Hamza Ahmad

      A 16-year old boy named Hamza Ahmad is brutally killed. Guess what happens? A page on a certain social networking website becomes bombarded with impolite and crude remarks on his way of life.
     I ask these people: literally, who are we to judge a person according to his way of life? Also, why is religion even included in matters where other people’s lives are concerned? It’s ridiculous that countless people are associating Hamza’s lifestyle with religion. Have you checked your lifestyle? Maybe Hamza had a personal connection with God we are not aware of!
     To all you narrow-minded people out there, you have no right to judge other people on their lifestyles. This is a dire display of illiteracy – no wonder our society is in terrible shape. People have a right to live their life the way they want it and you surely have no right to trespass over that right. You are not perfect, nobody is! So stop telling people how they should lead their lives.
     Where Hamza is concerned, give him a break. The poor boy was only 16!! He was tragically murdered and did not even get a chance to see the world. Just imagine what a painfully hard phase his beloved ones must be going through. Moreover, you would not want people to point out your flaws after your death.
     Last but not the least, I pray Hamza’s gentle soul rests in eternal peace. My heartfelt condolences go out to all those families whose loved ones were tragically killed by a bunch of small-minded low-lives. May God forgive the sins of victims and bless them with the doors of Paradise. May they rest in peace.

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