Saturday, 11 May 2013

Rape Cases: the blame game

     One of the dilemmas of our society, which has been bothering me for quite some time now, concerns rape cases. In most cases, mostly women are victimized and rapes alone are disturbing enough realities. What is more disturbing is the fact that the perpetrator often shifts the blame to the victim for being provocatively dressed.
     Alright, so principally what these attackers are trying to prove is that they are no less than beasts – meaning they act instinctually. What they are actually trying to imply is that they have no self-control! No woman ever has the right to go through this dreadful predicament and no man ever has the right to violate women. Why, you are actually violating the Human Rights Convention.
     We have the timeless example of Prophet Joseph/Yousuf, who was dragged into an empty room by Zulaikha, whose intentions were impure. Even then, Prophet Joseph never gave in and kept trying to get rid of her.
     Having narrated this incident, it can be said that men simply cannot blame rape on victims. If rape takes place, it is only because those particular perpetrators are rapists by nature and women are not at fault. It is because these men are desperate, deprived or attempting to manifest their power through such abominable means. There have been reports in newspapers of girls as young as 5 years who underwent the turmoil of penetration. How do rapists justify violating a little girl?   
      In societies where this heinous crime is prevalent, what women can do is dress modestly. Although, rapes have occurred to women who are appropriately covered, those low-life attackers who roam freely on streets should never be given an opportunity to indulge in such atrocious acts. I hope everyone stays safe! Good day!


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