Saturday, 11 May 2013

Elections 2013

       I had my first voting experience today, May 11, 2013. I must say, I have been absolutely thrilled to see such a massive crowd of supporters for Imran Khan [IK]. His supporters were particularly dominant in Defence areas. Literally, people could be seen wearing PTI caps and not a single anti-PTI voter was in sight. It was amazing!
     For this, I salute IK. It is a positive sign that the youth of Pakistan is already driven for change and progress. We, the youth of Pakistan, have made obvious that IK is our ultimate hero – a hero for all times, a hero Pakistan has never before seen since M.A.Jinnah. He has successfully proved how diligent, passionate and determined he is to make Pakistan a progressive country. He is truly that vehicle of change that the Pakistani society has been crying out for years on end.
     With IK’s widespread influence, I have strong hopes for Pakistan. IK, I pray, sincerely from the core of my heart, that you win these elections. A positive change is what the Pakistani society desperately needs. We hope, with your leadership, economic, social, cultural and religious issues, such as: unemployment, inflation, corruption, poverty, terrorism and others that have long plagued the society, are permanently eradicated.
     It is obvious from the enormous amount of support for IK that change is already on its way. I can already hear the sound of change. Moreover, I have tremendous respect for those numerous PTI supporters who did not back out from long queues and endured hours of heat and perspiration. It shows we are more determined than ever to bring about a positive change. I also enormously respect those youngsters who brought cars full of food items, cool water bottles and juices to keep people steadfast in casting their votes for IK. Hats off to all of you! It shows humanity is not all lost. IK is a true hero who can never let us down! You go Imran Khan! This country is with you!
     Furthermore, to those parties who have tried to stop these elections and injured people in the process, you have already lost! These elections are simply not for you to win! You are now about to become history – a memory of the past. So farewell to you corrupt parties which destroy Pakistan and its image and welcome Imran Khan

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