Thursday, 25 July 2013

Analysis of iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet

   During the course of the 21st century, technology has undergone tremendous and dramatic changes. Man’s life has become significantly easier as compared to the former generations. Owing to the availability of an extensive range of gadgets at our disposal, information and networking are just clicks away. The mind-boggling, unpredictable pioneering powers of the human brain have rapidly hit broad dimensions and they continue to explore wider horizons. Two of the most remarkable inventions in today’s era that have yet again astonished the world are iPad, which was brought forth by United States’ giant company Apple and Samsung Galaxy Tablet which hit the markets shortly after Apple launched iPad. The iPad is considerably better than Samsung’s tablet. In this essay, I shall throw light on those particular aspects of the iPad that distinguish it from Tablet and make it more appealing and preferable. I shall also highlight those underlying facets of the iPad that render it similar to Tablet.

     The foremost similarity is that iPad and Tablet offer a multi-touch screen. All we have to do is simply move our fingers to operate these gadgets. The user interfaces require neither a separate mouse nor a separate keyboard in order to perform. They offer a virtual keyboard which we can use when need arises. Applications in such technology are merely a touch away. In addition, running them is no rocket science because they are endowed with uncomplicated built-in features.

     The second most apparent features are the designs. Both the gadgets are thinly designed and light-weighted with barely slight variances in size. These characteristics make the gadgets portable and reliable; they can be easily carried around anywhere as they do not occupy much space. Moreover, their outward appearance is arresting.

     The third fundamental resemblance is their efficiency and speed of operation. They have made our lives relatively simpler as compared to laptops and desktop computers. In the modern fast-paced and globalized world, they make communication, networking and access to information quick and more convenient. Information is now more readily available than before.

     Along with the parallels, there are aspects of iPad and Tablet that make them dissimilar to each other. Firstly, there are stark differences in the storage capacities of the gadgets. Whereas the latest iPad provides a storage capacity of 64 GB, Tablet only provides consumers with 16 GB. Considering their high prices, purchasing an iPad is a more reliable option than Tablet since we can download music, videos and ebooks – which make our experiences as iPad consumers more enriching. Ipads also have longer battery lives.

     Secondly, iPad comes with plentiful applications to keep consumers entertained and engaged in daily life. In its latest generation of iPad, Apple presented a staggering number of applications that amounted to over 900,000. On the contrary, Samsung offered a limited number of applications, which implied utilizing time downloading them off the internet. IPad and Tablet have in-built wifi, a switchable camera that can face the back as well as the front, music and video player, social networking as well as GPS navigator. Conversely, Tablet is limited to these few applications only; the rest are up to the consumer to download. When Apple can put forward countless applications at a costly price, purchasing an iPad, according to my opinion, is a more feasible alternative. Several professionals may favour Samsung over iPad due to their lack of interest in applications that Apple can proffer – such as books, organizers and games. Samsung’s Tablet could be gratifying enough for them as applications are more occupational.

     Finally, it is the cost of these gadgets that drive customers more towards iPad. Of course, iPad comes with multitudes of applications and a huge storage capacity that make it particularly delightful. In contrast, Tablet offers less storage capacity. Hence, consumer satisfaction is elevated with the possession of iPad.

     Having considered the comparisons and differentiations of iPad and Tablet, I conclude with my statement that iPads are more striking than Samsung’s tablets. Using iPads is more enjoyable. We get to learn, play and work more on iPads – which is pleasing. Nevertheless, tablets are not completely meaningless. They may well be praiseworthy for professionals. 

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