Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Is climate change irreversible?

     Scientists claim that the issue of climate change has amounted to such an extent that it is now irreversible. In this respect, there are always two sides to a coin. The statement can be agreed upon to a certain degree as well as rectified if the role of the government and civilians all across the globe is performed just right – which means preserving our environment by reducing our emissions.
     We are late in the sense that there has already been a lot of irremediable damage done to a few facets of the environment. Melted ice caps cannot be reconditioned to their former solid form. They have led to a significant increase in sea levels and people will continue to be harmed by natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and cyclones. In addition, the ozone layer has been precariously destructed, many forests have been cut and burned down and global temperatures have risen by a substantial amount. These issues take considerably many years to be resolved – during that time future generations will eventually suffer the disastrous consequences.
     Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will continue to expand with new and more advanced technology and increased production to fulfill sky-rocketing demands of the growing population. According to ABC news, more damage will be done even if industries cut down on carbon emissions. Jasper Knight of Wits University, Johannesburg and Stephen Harrison of University of Exeter, England, claim that government attempts to reduce carbon emanation are too late and they have “little relationships to the real world.” We are totally unaware of ways to deal with the issue.

     The other side of the coin holds that if we truly resort to change our lifestyle that is best suited to the needs of our environment, we can change and improve this planet for the better. The damage that has been done is irreversible. However, they can be minimized. Global warming is unalterable so we have to look for ways to deal with the consequences. These impacts can be reduced if we just play our parts well in order to conserve the environment before Mother Earth starts cleansing herself of everything that is creating an imbalance

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