Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Reasons to maintain a nutritious diet

1)     Reduced risks of health illnesses – cancer, obesity, diabetes, constipation etc.

2)    You remain active

3)    You feel hydrated and energized

4)    Beauty comes from within. Appearance reflects inner health.

5)    Skin problems – acne, oily skin etc. – decrease

6)    You naturally look good when healthy

7)    Good food combats anxiety, depression and stress.

8)    You stay alert

9)    Brain power improves dramatically                           

10)  Becomes easier to focus on regular tasks

11)   You feel happy

12)  Your self-esteem increases. You feel confident.

13)  Boosts immunity system.

14)  You age gracefully – less wrinkles and so on.

15)  Larger life span.

16)  Able to enjoy everyday activities.

17)  Attendance increases.

18)  Better relaxation

     19)  Low blood pressure [BP], cholesterol levels and all the rest.

     20) You’re worthy of being comfortable in your own skin. Maintain a balanced appetite. Consume everything in moderation. Excess of anything is bad.  Remember: YOU ARE what you EAT!

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