Tuesday, 30 July 2013

List of reasons to exercise: why I perform yoga

    1)     You remain healthy, active and fit.

    2)    It keeps the heart and body in good shape

    3)    It reduces stress

    4)    It improves memory

    5)    It increases concentration on everyday chores. Keeps you alert.

    6)    It significantly reduces risks of illnesses

    7)    It assists in weight loss.

    8)    It speeds up metabolism.

9)    Makes you feel good about yourself.

10)  Improves appearance and tones body.                              

11)   You sleep well and deep.

12)  It strengthens your bones.

13)  It makes you feel energized.

    14)  Boosts immunity system.

    15)  Slows down aging process.

    16)  You regret missing a session.

    17)  It uplifts your mood.

    18)  You are definitely worth it.



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