Thursday, 25 July 2013

Saving the environment

     Our planet earth is continuously changing. Mother Earth has been experiencing crucial changes since the Ice Age and, more specifically, the hallmark in world history, the Industrial Revolution. Today, human and animal species are experiencing numerous environmental problems that pose a dire threat of extinction. These environmental concerns range from harsh climate changes, global warming, air, land and water pollution, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, depletion of natural resources and deforestation to endangered plant and animal species.

     A healthy environment is imperative for the continued existence of humans, animals and plants alike. There is an urgent need to preserve Nature’s wealth and handle the indispensable resources which Mother Earth generously provided us with. There are several pressing efforts that can be undertaken in order to safeguard our environment and save the planet before we are completely wiped out.

     One of the most important measures we can embark on is reducing our usage of electricity – the source of energy that powers our everyday appliances: inclusively – air conditioners, refrigerators, computers, lights and fans. There is an escalating demand for electricity which has led to pollution. The first step we could easily take is switching off unnecessary electricity. We should switch off lights and unplug other electrical appliances when they are not in use.

     The second most important step to sustain our environment is using renewable energy sources. We should reduce our demand for fossil fuels. Instead of burning coal or fuels, which result in harmful emission of greenhouse gases, we could resort to using solar, wind and hydro power. Households could install solar panels and wind turbines and utilize them for water and heaters and to generate power. Using renewable energy as a primary source of power would make a positive contribution to saving energy and eventually, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases. The lesser we pollute our environment, the more we prevent Earth from global warming.

     The third most vital step to curb global warming is to plant more trees. The government should discourage and ban cutting of trees, burning forests and introduce environmental-friendly products. Planting trees assists in quick absorption of carbon dioxide. We could ask our peers or relatives to join us and plant a tree near our homes.

    We should also consider using products that do not contain chlorofluorocarbons [CFC’s]. These are released from sprays, air conditioners, refrigerators and cosmetics. They contribute to the greenhouse effect – a process in which the harmful ultra-violet [UV] rays of the sun are filtered in the earth’s atmosphere which increases the average climate on Earth and ultimately, rapid depletion of the ozone layer.

     Additionally, the government should discourage use of old vehicles. Our part of the contribution in reducing air pollution involves giving cars regular servicing, frequently checking and cleaning exhaust pipes, checking for emitted pollutants and checking air-pressure in tires because under-inflated tires consume more fuel.

     Water is a fundamental natural resource for survival of species. However, on a daily basis, we waste large amounts of it and pollute lakes, rivers and seas by dumping garbage and killing marine life, which is also a significant food source for humans. We should save water by turning off taps after use and avoid littering the water bodies.

     Moreover, we should pursue the habit of recycling and reusing whatever we can. It is crucial to reduce usage of rubber and plastic and avoid using disposable items. Plastic never dies and leads to poisoning and death. This could be prevented if we use paper bags instead of plastic bags for shopping and consider a healthier alternative of using glass bottles instead of water bottles.

     Likewise, we should consider walking more instead of driving. It is necessary to save energy and fuel. The environment can be protected from air pollution if we consider walking to short, local distances – which are five to ten miles from home, or purchase a bicycle which is good for our health in terms of exercise as well as the environment in terms of reducing pollution.

     Environmental protection also concerns rights of and justice towards animals. In order to fully save the planet, it is vital to protect and save animal species. This involves reducing usage of animal products; animal fur is excessively used, particularly for clothing items worldwide. Animals are poached for their skin, used in scientific research and killed in large numbers. These have expansively put them under the threat of extinction. This can be prevented by resolving not to hunt animals, discouraging poaching, providing donations for animal schemes and effectively promoting animal rights’ campaigns, working for animal shelters and looking after animals.

     Last of all, everyone has a vital role to play in creating awareness in order to awaken the masses to the gravity of environmental problems and working on their solutions. People should be encouraged to save the environment. This could be done by putting up posters and banners in neighbourhood, school, college or workplace; organizing environmental awareness campaigns, getting t-shirts or caps made with environmental awareness slogans written and spreading the word. Persuade people to participate in attempts to reduce global warming.

     Through these acts, we can save our planet from extinction. Every small act can make a huge difference. Immediate precautionary measures have to be put into effect before Mother Earth starts cleansing herself of anything that is creating an imbalance.


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