Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Climate change

     The phenomenon of climate change is a major environmental problem that has garnered considerable attention over the last few decades. The issue is defined as an alteration in the average climate of the Earth - changes in temperature, wind patterns, precipitation and rainfall.  The advent of the Industrial Revolution of 18th century in Europe further aggravated climate change. There are scores of underlying evidence that average climate of the Earth has been unusually warmer over the past years.
     The prominent manifestations of the trend of climate change are rising sea levels, increase in global temperatures, ocean warming and acidification, melting ice caps, droughts and heavy rainfall. During the past years, these occurrences have significantly increased all across the globe. Climate change is believed to result from an increased emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which trap and filter heat and cause temperature of the planet to increase during the long-term course.
     This trend is referred to as global warming - the increase in the average climate of the Earth. The newspapers, almost on a regular basis, publish articles on bizarre incidents that are associated with global warming, such as: the intensity of hurricanes Sandy and Katrina and severe droughts.
     The core cause of global warming is claimed to be increased carbon emission through fossil fuel combustion and energy utilization. Carbon dioxide is the primary GHG that contributes to global warming and has grave environmental impacts. According to scientists, humans are responsible for global warming as carbon is emitted via factories, cars and desertification which initiate irrevocable damage to the environment.

     In conclusion, it can be said that after having observed the severe impacts of human activities around the globe, which were not present in the last century, climate change is indeed taking place. Global warming is happening all over the world and the root cause of this is emission of carbon dioxide.

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